Good Day Everyone

Hello everyone!

My name is Herschel and I am a newbie trader out of Charlotte, NC. I found myself interested in trading quite a few years back upon discovering that my late father held shares in Ford Motor Co., which he had previously retired from. I was fascinated with how fast you could earn money in the markets, but with very little knowledge of these financial vehicles, my get rich quick dreams were adruptly destroyed. I first began trading with penny stocks(sketch… i know) and graduated to options (buying naked calls & puts), i knew nothing of margin and leverage and was trading well beyond my means! I remember placing my first options trade and was up about 75% in a matter of seconds. From that point on I knew i wanted to become a trader. After a few years of unsuccessful on and off trading(mainly from a lack of trading education), I finally decided to stop and focus on educating myself until I truly felt confident. The school of pipsology has been one of biggest sources of information i’ve found thus far. And I have since focused my energy to currency trading. FX seems very befitting given my situation, I am a full time student and spend my mornings in lectures. I plan to become a full time trader upon graduating. I will be trading during the school year in efforts to grow my account before I graduate. I am trading a demo account now and will continue to do so until I find a trading style I am consistent and comfortable with.

Hope everyone is doing well I wish everyone the best with trading!

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