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Decided to start a thread on news - but it has to be good news and yes it is out there.

Back in the very early days of the pandemic, it was in the news for China but yet not in Europe - my wife and I were sat in an outside heated area of a bar in downtown Dublin watching the world go by.

It was Jan so dark early but we felt safe with the burly doorman nearby who regularly checked incoming customer’s apparel as to whether satisfactory or not.

Then I noticed some young people way over on the other side of the wide street - they had high vis jackets on and were going from doorway to doorway - only then did i see that many of those doorways sheltered homeless people.

I asked the doorman about these boys and girls in the jackets -what is it they are doing?

‘Ah sure they are checking on the homeless’ was the answer.

Dublin teen runs team of volunteers who help homeless (


Love this, thanks for starting this peterma.

I really enjoyed this story:


I love this idea, guys! It’s just what many of us need these days!

Here in Northern Ireland there were riots mostly involving young people throwing petrol bombs at police - most the news sites in the UK and US suggested it was back to the bad news of the past.

But this time there is a difference - something new that didn’t exist in the bad days.

Parents, older people with memories took action - we will not allow fear and violence to rule our streets at night:

Keeping teen rioters away from Belfast interfaces - BBC News

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“Is that a mouse, dear?” asked the wife.

“No,” the husband answered, “it’s a mouse deer.”

Brilliant :slight_smile:

And now it’s the weekend and time to relax.

One of the best things that we humans can do is have a laugh and better still we can enjoy a joke on ourselves.

This wee girl sings on Dublin streets, mentored by her dad, in a few years she will be big news, right now she smiles.

THIS SONG WILL MAKE YOU CRY | Bee Gees - I Started a Joke | Allie Sherlock Cover - YouTube

A local/international good news item.

Reported today from Belfast telegraph -

World’s largest cargo plane taking huge oxygen generators from Belfast to India to help Covid crisis.

The report further -

A cargo plane delivering three oxygen generators to help India in their battle with Covid-19 left Northern Ireland on Friday morning.

These generators are each capable of generating 500 litres of oxygen per minute.

In addition 1000 ventilators were loaded by workers who toiled through last night - the plane has now landed in Delhi.

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This is a drop in the sea, unfortunately, but every bit of help counts.

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Darkness Into Light

Pieta is an Irish charity whose aim is to reduce suicides and self harm.

Each year they encourage an event called darkness into light - yesterday morning people walked,swam, biked starting before dawn and ending at sunrise.

The aim was to raise 5M euro - so far the event has raised €7,090,335

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Today at a G20 health summit the company bosses of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson said they will supply 3.5 billion vaccine doses at cost or discount to low- and middle-income countries in year 2021 and 2022.

Likewise the EU, who have exported as many doses as has been given to their citizens have undertaken to donate 100 million doses and invest in manufacturing in Africa to reduce Africa’s need for imports.

Italian PM - known well in the past on these boards stated - "We must vaccinate the world - and do it fast."

Contributors in BP have often commented that they perceive that by giving they in return receive.


Good. We won’t be rid of this virus until the vaccinations become global.


Always pay heed to our intuition - even in trading:

McDonald’s chicken nugget hero hailed for saving boy’s life - BBC News

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That sounds like a nightmare. I am glad that guy was there to help!


It’s one minute and 42 seconds long - a grandchild’s tribute:

Student animates grandad’s Covid-19 battle - BBC News

Please never walk on by - the person you see in distress may need your help.

Last week i spotted an elderly man in obvious distress - he was on the other side of a canal from me and many people walked on by whilst the man held onto a spiked railing.

It took me a while to get to the other side - he was still there - told me he had lost his balance. He was making his way to the bus station after having been to the GP to give a blood sample.

In London a man would have lost his life but for an ‘angel’ who didn’t walk on by.

Mayfair ‘guardian angel’ who saved man’s life after stroke found - BBC News


I am glad someone helped that man.

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