Good trading conditions

Hey alejobostero I personally am quite interested in your thread and hope others will participate.I was wondering if you could time entries by using Japanese candles first eg. shooting stars,hammers marabozus and haramis etc as possible strong signals and then switch back to heiken ashi would work?

Pity that this thread seems to have seized up, I thought it was a very promising method that certainly justified more examination and consideration. Personally, I think the thread owner is onto something quite concrete here. I have been looking at this and I believe it has good potential. I think that maybe trading off a 5 min chart from 4H moves is perhaps a bit extreme and will only generate small gains relative to the size of the moves identified By the cloud and HA. Maybe 1H/30min/15min charts would work better?

At least, plotting this against my own 4H methods, it looks good…maybe you should all give this a second look?

I agree (with that and your other comments above).

As you see from my three posts on the first page, it certainly got my attention. On the other hand, those [I]do[/I] tend to be threads that “die the death”, here … :33:

Well, you ARE a hard act to follow, Lexys! I often feel that if I were to try and add anything to your comments it would only sound very banal and trivial! :slight_smile:

We have an expression here that it is “hard to fill the boots” of someone who achieves and knows a lot - in your case it would be many times harder to try and fill any of your shoes! :smiley:

Just to whet a few appetites, here’s the same structure overlaid with the Ribbon Method…ei hassumpi!!!

Hi @alejobostero ,

I know I’m asking this question quite late, but I’m curious to know if you are still using this technique because it really is quite interesting. If not, then is there a reason stop using it?

Also i was hoping to know if you were able to figure out an exit strategy for this.

Thanks in advance

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This is great as I can definitely see the trend and patterns of the 4h and 5m (hindsight) but how do you see what direction to get in and when momentum is changing.

I know that some of you will definitely find this guide useful. It’s a pretty definitive guide on how every element of the IKH can be used including the 5 main trading strategies used.
What I’m attempting to do now is find settings that are more compatible with smaller time frames like the 15m. So I’m testing out the settings that @alejobostero and @lexys were mentioning. One question I have for the both of you though is what is your logic/reasoning behind using those values?

IchimokuWiki.pdf (466.4 KB)