Good Videos

Seems like a lot of Day Traders are posting their videos online now for free to watch. This may be a helpful tool for those of you out there just starting forex:

Go to and type in Forex JPY, GDP, or any other currency pair.

Below are some good posters that I’ve found to host educational videos
you can do a search for them as well:


Good luck :slight_smile:

instead of typing in a pair you can also type in indicators. Type in MACD and see what you get. Also a good place to find stuff on Elliot Waves.

Does Robert R. Prechter run that show?

Was it just me, or was there something fishy going on with babypips earlier today?

Fishy how?

I dunno, when I log in, it asks me to download a php file…this is sounding somewhat familiar to what happened with forexfactory

Anyway, I found a good video on youtube…its some insider bank info:

YouTube - Insider Bank Bids & Offers video 05/30/07 (GBP/USD)

There is talk that felix may be providing a daily LIVE video feed on YouTube for his signals. I’ll keep you posted.