Goodevening, what is distance?

hi all, i was paper trading all week and placed an order aud/usa .9047/09052 then i looked up at my screen and nothing was moving. but it said a new box with distance = 5. i know its the difference between the two but what did i do wrong. please answer oh wise ones, if not now soon thanks. and have a great weekend. joanne.:rolleyes:

When you said a new “box”, were you referring to the boxes that you can create at Oanda?

i dont know how it popped up or what i did exactly, do you?:frowning:


What platform are you using? It doesn’t sound familiar to me.

im using oanda, but im not quit sure how i managed to do this.

it just entered as an order and kinda just sat there. i know your laughing its ok i am too … how to disable the oanda chart in one easy lesson by joanne.:o

Wish I could help you. I have not used oanda. It does sound like the spread. Did you try calling up any help screens in the platform? See if you can do a search in the help by keywords. May give you an answer.


i looked at this pair and decided that i didnt want to pay for the pips at that price so i went and entered my own pip price, it took the order and then… just sat there looking at me moving up and down in this little box, called distance. it was in the right upper side with the rest of the stuff.:eek:

Nah, I’m not laughing. I am not perfect. If I was, I would be sitting on a beach in Hawaii right now with a Corona in my hand. :slight_smile: I’m not going to speak for everyone else, but I have hit the wrong key before when I was starting out. Make mistakes with your demo, that is how you learn. That way you don’t lose any money.

thanks for your help anyway, have a good weekend. joanne.:slight_smile:

Let me guess, you are probably sitting there screaming at your screen. :eek: Then, you get mad at yourself.:mad: Then, you get confused.:confused:

HEHE. I’m laughing with you, not at you.:smiley: