Google has become a menace to society, and should be broken up

Gooogle leaks on Biased “News”

Go to minute 3:21 when the adverts start - to bypass the Commercials !

Aye it’s easy to check - bottom right corner, click on ‘settings’.

Then choose ‘search settings’, then scroll down to ‘region settings’.

Then ‘show more’ and choose the relevant country - now google search will return results as if the search was conducted in that country.

BBC Radio 4 Tonight about "Fake news" being used by "Organised Groups to flood Social Media with Propaganda - like ‘CLIMATE DENIERS’ and “BREXIT” !" Apparently the UK Govt are demanding that “Google” et al censor these “Dangerous” groups who are “Anti truth” !

JEEZ - You couldn’t MAke ths garbage up ! :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile see this !

Fascinating revelations here - Social Credit being applied secretly by You tube !

Listning to a lecture by one of my favourite thinkers this evening, This questioner asked the “Maestro” a question which is exactly in line with this thread. His answer is enlightening, fascinating and frightening in equal parts.

Do not worry I’m not going to ask you to plough through the whole thing (Although it is amazing to do so) - this link will start at within a second or two of the question and the answer only lasts about 5 minutes.

I reference @Clint as the initial thought provoker and I’m not sure who else might be interested - Most who actually listen I suspect - not sure if it’s up his street but maybe @anon46773462 ?

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Ehhh can’t say I’d watch the video not because I disagree with white privilege. I’ve definitely witnessed things in my realm as graduate of the finance world and have been passed up multiple times for positions I was way more qualified than the candidate (on 2 occasions I actually trained the trainee). Though the way white privilege has been kind of beefed up in the media is definitely crazy. When a minority who understands the system and is speaking on white privilege I think they are more referring to the system that was created. Let’s be frank I wouldn’t be considered a human being depending on what year I was born. Obviously I wouldn’t want the government to control everything in a society where there will be no classes (it’s much easier to talk about it in theory than for it to actually come into fruition). The world we live in there will always be division in some sort of sense whether it’s small or large it’s in our human nature to pick sides. We all can’t agree on one thing or one way of thinking.

Put it nicely. Though I make a good living and drive a really nice car I get pulled over for “looking suspicious”. Well I guess if being a young black male is suspicious what can I do? I can’t change the hate/distaste someone might have for me simply because of the skin I was born in which I have no control over. It’s ok I’ve learned to accept humans in their form as animals first.

Any who back to Google. Bring me a list of the top companies and I’m pretty certain we can find 10+ things they’re doing unethically. It’s not even a surprise anymore the best & biggest companies are the ones who can do this under the stealthiest means.

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Hi @Falstaff, I am not sure what aspect here we are looking at?

The link has the headline “White Privilege” but the conversation starts with AI and censorship?

There is no place in my world for prejudice in and of any form whatsoever. Humans are born equal in value, but unequal in circumstances and conditions. And as far as I am concerned we all remain that way (but would be nice if we could do more about abolishing the unequal circumstances :thinking:). If we are to be judged, may it be according to what we do rather than who we are.

As far as AI and censorship and brainwashing by large organisations? well that frightens me, too! I have no links to any social media whatsoever apart from my email and this forum for this very reason. But from what I have seen and heard about the impact on people’s opinions, feelings, beliefs and actions, they scare me enormously and create an even greater tendency to keep my head down and my thoughts to myself. :thinking:

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They are unique to you if you’re logged in and Google has saved any prior web activity from your usage of Google products. If you want a semi-unfiltered presentation, minus any personalization, you could try Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, but even that isn’t 100% free of alteration, by some other industry research.

Google doesn’t agree of course. I can also attest to changes in my Google search results while out of the country. Especially Google News was affected by my location, which makes sense to a point. Getting news from where you are should be more relevant to a majority of users than news from where you’ve been.

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Hi forexforexforex,

Thanks for your well-written post, and thanks for the link.

I didn’t know that. Thanks for that info.

It makes sense, when you think about it. Google – in its self-assigned role as Big Brother – is endeavoring to control the world by controlling each individual individually.

Nope. Not interested in anything Google has to offer. I’ll stick with my Epic Privacy Browser.

Here’s something that really annoyed me recently. Maybe you can offer some advice.

I did some online shopping for a new battery for my truck, and a new pair of hiking boots. All of my searches were done using the Bing search-engine on my Epic browser.

Shortly thereafter, ads for batteries and hiking boots started showing up on my Firefox browser.

Google is the default search-engine on my Firefox browser. I never use the Google search-engine on Firefox, but I do use the Firefox browser for visiting certain websites that block the Epic browser (because Epic blocks their pop-up ads).

Epic supposedly blocks all trackers. So, how did information regarding my internet searches (using the Bing search-engine on Epic) bleed over to Firefox?

Did the leak come from Bing, or from Epic? — or from the vendor websites I visited in my searches?

Would this sort of leaking occur, if I used DuckDuckGo instead of Epic?

My best guess, the issue isn’t your browsers. It’s the site(s) you visit and what ad companies/networks those sites work with, along with cookies that are placed on your device(s). The gigantic, nationwide, mainstream sites do this, but even smaller sites are now doing it, for various reasons. This is a really good explanation of how ad agencies and ad networks use cookies along with trackers, in some instances but not all, to send you personalized ads across all of your devices.

The best part of the article is the end, where it makes some recommendations on how to stop ads from following you. Short answer, what you’re doing already with different browsers, but take that a step further and clear out cookies frequently, and reset your advertising ID. The big brands, like Google and FB, actually give you a lot of control over your ad history and ad presence online, meaning you can hide ads, hide yourself, turn off personalization, etc.

I’m in the camp of begin okay with it. I read a lot of free stuff. I want to give back to those sources who aren’t getting money directly from my wallet. If that means getting hit with ads, so be it. Internet connections are so fast now, my experience isn’t terribly affected by ads loading, even on mobile. And I run antivirus and malware. I’m more worried about a zero-day exploit that even the most expensive and up-to-date antivirus’ can’t protect me against. But that’s another discussion. I’m also completely integrated into the Google ecosystem, so they’ve got me by the ears. Chrome, Google Apps, Gmail, Android TV, speakers, Android Auto, android phone… they know more about me than my mother. Not a big user of FB, so maybe that helps some, who knows, probably doesn’t make a shred difference

It is actually very difficult to avoid a company like Google, they are just too big a cooperation now. There are running a monopoly. You stopped using Chrome and Google search engine, simple. Now;
Where is your go-to sight for online videos?
What e-mail service do you make use of?
What about Maps?
Do you use Google translate? The list goes on…
I guess you make use of an iPhone but they a lot of people who make of androids which they also own.

Google is big and will be difficult to take down even by the government. Their services are widely used by billions of people around the world including the government. Hell I’m even using their keyboard “Gboard” to type this.

It’s wrong of them to manipulate elections, but are they really manipulating it on their own? The government will not take down what is helping it.

I remember reading an article once that said it’s actually VERY difficult to live a “normal” life without Google.

forexforexforex, I greatly appreciate your detailed reply.

And thanks for the NY Times article – it addresses specifically the issues I’m complaining about.

That explanation makes sense.

I was starting to think that I had over-estimated what the Epic Privacy Browser can do for me. But, I decided to review the features and options on Epic, to see whether I’ve been missing something. Apparently I have been missing something potentially important – specifically, the feature which Epic calls One-Click Encrypted Proxy, described below, highlighted in yellow.

Here is that portion, enlarged —

I have to confess that I have never tried this feature. My bad. Maybe this feature would have concealed my identity from all those sellers of truck batteries and hiking boots. I will test this theory, and report my success or failure here.

Generally, I agree with that point of view. When we access useful content, we tolerate the advertising that accompanies that content, in lieu of having to pay a subscription fee for the access.

But, general, anonymous advertising – like the sort that you see in newspapers and magazines – is very different from the internet advertising that accesses your identity without your permission, and then follows you around, infecting every device it can associate with your identity. Okay, end of rant.

Thanks again for your comments and advice.

You’re right. I’m exposed to Google in every one of the areas you mention.

I frequently access Youtube. – I use Gmail. – I refer to online maps from time to time. – Occasionally, I turn to Google Translate. – And I use a Samsung (Android) smart-phone.

Google definitely has their claws into me.

Thanks for that depressing news, ponponwei :rofl:

And thanks for the video clip.

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That’s a really cool feature, something I didn’t know browser’s offered. I think I’ll give it a try also!

Google and Evergreen College - ?

jesus what the hell is going on with our world

Is it time for federal anti-trust action against google?

This dropped into my email inbox today from Great Stuff (a Banyon Hill digital publication) –

Google Chrome market share

(posted here from my Epic Privacy Browser in encrypted proxy mode)

INteresting discussion - with some surprising revellations

Also speaks of using Anti-trust legislation and Banking Regulations

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