I just learned about FX trading recently and I have been faithfully attending the Babypips classes, I am now in 3rd grade (yeah, yeah). Tell me is babypips enough to get me on the road :confused: or do i need to sit in a class? what are ur experiences?

learning never stops:) in fact this is your very begining

Welcome Eria to the great world of forex. Babypips is a good introduction to this world, like a briefing recieved before a war. If you put what you learn into practice, have the discipline to follow your plan and the nerve to persevere the ups and downs, you will definately have better chances to bring the bounty back home.
You can get a good feel of the market by opening a demo account before you get to open a real one. The good thing about it is that you have a choice and no-one will shoot you if you decide not to play the game.
Make the best of the tools made available to you at babypips. You don’t have to sit in a class to be taught the ropes, if anything you can get a good mentor rather than pay for those seminars. And as always, experience will be your best buddy.
As Icycloud said, the learning never stops.
All the best in your endeavours.

Babypips School is amazing! It’s a gift from Gods to all forex noobs like my self.
I didn’t know anything about forex, but after Babypips School at least I understand the graphs and some trading signals and how to trade. (Currently trading demo account)

As some already mentioned, “learning never stops”, but babypips school will definitely gets you started, so you can at least start demo trading :slight_smile:

The sections you really need to pay attention to are money management and leverage. You need to carefully study those sections in detail before you start.
Printing these and using a highlighter pen will definitely help.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

Hi guys, thanks for the info. one more thing, I cannot seem to get a reliable platform to practice on, most of them keep concing out on me.:frowning: it is becoming quite frustrating

Do you mean free practice accounts with a broker? Two good ones (in my humble opinion) would be and