Greetings everyone

Hello everyone,
I’ve been trading for a few months now with a small account and a demo account. Just trying to get better and learn from the experienced traders!

Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile:

I’m eager to learn and I been trying the rsi and the moving average strategy and I have had some wins but also had some loss as well and I was wondering if there is any pointers you can elaborate on

Hello @Treloar_J. Welcome to the community. How has your trading been so far?

Welcome @Treloar_J! What trading strategy are you using?

Good luck and hope to hear more from you!

I’ve I had some wins and some loss but so far more losses than anything still learning

I know I probably shouldn’t have done thjs but I tried a handful of strategies that was available but some worked some of the time and others did not but I’m sure it was the my timing that needs the work