Greetings from Jacq

Hello Everyone,

Jacquelyn from the east coast. This is day 0 for me. Introduced to the trade for the first time today and lead me here to educate myself.

Im 31 and have worked for blue collar all my life, living paycheck to paycheck. Covid19 has most certainly devastated my means of supporting a stable livelihood. The idea of allowing my money money to work for myself (also with the convenience of doing this virtually anywhere), i feel is something that I feel is essential to financial freedom.

I hope to learn not only quickly and vigorously, but with passion and excite that will hopefully carry me through this new journey.

I look forward to learning from you all.

Hi and welcome on BP :slight_smile: check the education section as a start. Regards Greg

Welcome and good luck. Are you completely new to trading? If so, check out the Education section and you will get a feel of how to trade. Hope this helps.

Sorry to hear about the virus messing with your financial income.

Welcome you, you can choose from a range of resources and build your trading skills with free online courses. Hope below link is helpful for you.Online Trading Platform | Forex Trading | Trade and Invest | Top 1 Markets