Greetings! New to the world of Forex

Glad to join the community. A good friend of mine recommended this community to me because of my new found interest in trading. I’m still very new to all of this and will be looking forward to learning. I want to learn how to make an income out of trading. I have a lot of plans for my future and would love to learn how people have been making their dreams come true with Forex.

Hope to learn a lot from everyone and everything here.

Thank you

Welcome. Learn before earn. FX trading is speculative, not an income source because there’s no guarantee you’ll make money ever. That’s the reality, not social media sirens.

Learn properly before investing your money in this risky market.

A demo account will be the best option to learn forex properly and perfectly.

It’s great that you have chosen to become a forex trader but the journey is going to be difficult and you will have to put your money at risk. Because forex trading doesn’t offer a guarantee of income, you have to be very careful about taking your steps.

Educate yourself well so that you can at least save yourself from potential losses. Once you are through with your education, start trading with a broker that has low account minimums, I started with turnkeyforex with $50. This way you will be able to judge your skills and the market.