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I got lucky when I got this free EA months ago from Quick Dragon Forex Blog. Before they move their platform in Patreon. (not sure if the EA is already available in the new platform). It’s only this week I got the chance to run it. I will observe what this EA is doing and will try to document if it’s possible to trade the strategy manually. So far, this is the result as of today.

These are my settings:

  • Account Type: Demo
  • Fund: US$1,000
  • Leverage: 1:30
  • Parameters: All default

After a few months, I will decide if I will go live with it depending on the result.

Here’s the Patreon link of Quick Dragon:

This system is a bit slow :frowning: . But I’m not bored. :slight_smile:

It has no new activity since my post yesterday.

btw, I used a different leverage. Instead of the suggested 1:500 by the author. I used 1:30 only. But I don’t think it has something to do with the slow activity of the EA. Let’s just wait and see how it does its job.

I just read write-up about this EA. It says the EA automatically adjusts itself after a few weeks. That’s why it is slow now. Let’s see in a week or two if it will change.

No progress yet as of today.

This has been the position for the past 6 days :slight_smile: .

Jeez, this Ea reallly test my patience :frowning: . The trade is still open. It ranges in the open price.

Ok, I don’t want to intervene in its process. I will wait for another month. Let’s see if it progress into something.

Do you know what its strategy is and what it is meant to be doing !

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It is supposedly a grid system but I haven’t seen a grid yet :slight_smile: . About the entry strategy, the author is not being specific on how exactly it does it.

I’m always interested in grids as this is my natural style but I wouldn’t have the patience to wait days on a single trade to see what happens… I would have been fiddling with the parameters on testing by now.

:slight_smile: I’m trying to avoid to change the parameter as much as possible until a full 3-month forward test is complete. fingers are itching now to change it. so I close the VPS for now to prevent myself from doing it.

If you’re unsure of the strategy I wouldn’t waste three months on it myself.

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It’s alright with me. I usually find the value of a system after a long test. I also need to maximize the use of my VPs :slight_smile: . Sometimes I extend the test up to 6 months. I’m currently running a test of 3 different EAs now. Aside from my actual 3 real accounts with different EAs. But I also do a manual trading on my local computer, That’s 2 accouunts.

What attracted you to this particularly ea ?

And how is your testing going ?.. Have you found anything that works for you ?

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Hi @TotoCayetano, @Barrigan. Grid Strategies require two major characteristics of Price Action to be successful. A ranging price and consistent tight volatility (whipsawing)…

The pair displayed above, the NZDCHF (1 Hour) generally has low volatility so it will be harder to make consistent profits, especially on the 1 hour time frame. Certain pairs will perform better when used in Grid Strategies such as the GBPCHF, GBPUSD, EURNZD and many of the JPY pairs.

The rule of thumb is the shorter the time frame, the tighter the grid. The higher the time frame the wider the grid you will need to employ. There is 1000’s of hours of content on YouTube display many Grid trading concepts. Take note of as many varying ideas used by Grid Trading demonstrations and it will allow you to build a more robust strategy.

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I agree entirely, I use gbpusd almost exclusively.


You will find more success if you limit an EA’s time spent trading a Grid. A trend will destroy any profits a Grid EA can make so always watch for longer term trends forming.

One method is set a price range for your EA, ie: Current 1 Hour chart GBPUSD, set 1.3990 as a top close of the Grid as this will indicate a possible break from the current ranging and say 1.3930 as the bottom close for the Grid Strategy applying the same logic as above.

Another possible method is limit the EA by the number of trades it performs during each application. ie: Once the Bot has completed say 8,10, 15 trades, close the Bot and search the pairs for more opportunities.

Below is a couple of threads from a few years back that I displayed a few Grid Trading techniques.


The trend isn’t my friend.

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I read that post you linked to… I think that people believe that having a buy and sell open at the same time produces a locked in loss rather than a locked in profit.

Hey (T) @Barrigan , Yes, you’re right and in effect it does if price stayed stagnant. But price action is dynamic and so movement either up or down will alter the outcome. Locking a loss is sometimes an acceptable result when opposed to an ever increasing draw down.

Grids, when say overlapped can be designed to lock in profit as well. I spend a lot of time reading some of the older threads on Forex Factory, 100’s of demonstrations on YouTube in an attempt to eke out some ideas that can improve the Bots I develop.

There is far cleverer traders and investors out there than I, so I am constantly researching existing concepts, even for the smallest improvements for logic updates on my strategies.

I suppose I compare building and developing trading strategies to writing songs… Many of us are using the same notes and melodies, some of us are adding different lyrics…

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