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The trend isn’t my friend.

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I read that post you linked to… I think that people believe that having a buy and sell open at the same time produces a locked in loss rather than a locked in profit.

Hey (T) @Barrigan , Yes, you’re right and in effect it does if price stayed stagnant. But price action is dynamic and so movement either up or down will alter the outcome. Locking a loss is sometimes an acceptable result when opposed to an ever increasing draw down.

Grids, when say overlapped can be designed to lock in profit as well. I spend a lot of time reading some of the older threads on Forex Factory, 100’s of demonstrations on YouTube in an attempt to eke out some ideas that can improve the Bots I develop.

There is far cleverer traders and investors out there than I, so I am constantly researching existing concepts, even for the smallest improvements for logic updates on my strategies.

I suppose I compare building and developing trading strategies to writing songs… Many of us are using the same notes and melodies, some of us are adding different lyrics…

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I think we’re singing from the same hymn sheet… My number one strategy is a grid based on the concept that you shared with me last year but I’m always testing new ideas.

I don’t know whether it’s allowed on here to post demo account log in details (if not please remove)… My test this week is a random grid of buy and sells with a trailing stop. I’m manually monitoring it for trending activity.
Investor pw b6zvofb

If anyone is interested I’ll happily give the details of the experiment.

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First and foremost, I’m attracted to it because I’ve got it months ago for free, LOL :slight_smile: . If you want to get this EA now, you need to pledge a small amount in Quick Dragon’s Patreon, so it’s no longer free technically. It’s cheap though.

Second, the author’s trading style kinda suits my style. :slight_smile: I have tested some of her strategies in the past more than half worked for me.

I have tested many strategies and EA’s already. There’s a lot out there that really work if you have the patient to forward test. thoroughly. But, if you are asking which one is the best so far. For me (not sure if it will work with everyone else), the best EA is “Distance Breakout” by fxfledgling in mql5 site. But I have to warn you, it’s a hard-to-tame beast. It took me months to discover how to make it work. It has a free version but it will not give you a realistic result. Hmmm maybe it’s better to put a journal here as well so you can see what I meant.

Yup, this pair is so slow :slight_smile: . I think the EA has an option in the parameter to exclude a pair. I didn’t put any so it trades 28 pairs, not sure if it’s one at a time or it’s just warming up. Warming up for two weeks now LOL :slight_smile: .

Thanks for these.

Finally after two weeks, the trade ended yesterday. Looks like it’s worth the wait. Let’s see how it will perform this week.

Hmm drawdown is nice. but i want a bit more of the profit. Not too much. Just a bit more.

@Barrigan, this is the one I’m telling you about.

There’s a slight move yesterday. DD went up to 3.27%. It’s a big increase for just a small profit it got. For me, it’s not a good behavior. But it’s too early to say that it’s not a good EA. We need to monitor for a dew months to see if it has a value.

Bad day yesterday :frowning: .Stop loss is hit.

Recovered what it lost the other day. :slight_smile:

Another good day yesterday.

Monday gave a good profit :slight_smile: I hope it continues this the rest of the week.

Another profit day yesterday :slight_smile: .

Another good trade yesterday.

It might be slow but I think it’s a good EA. I used it on my demo account and faced no issues with it. But I have already been using an EA that I built myself a few months ago and it works better than this. So, I will keep using it. Just thought of sharing my views on it.

Around 0.3% profit this week. Good job EA :slight_smile:

Good profit last week but drawdown slightly got bigger.