Guys how mant of you use simple chart/

Hi everyone , i made this topic in order to see how many use simple chart when opening their trading platform. Or i am the only crazy here who dont use lines,indicators and robots/ :rofl::rofl:


I use only daily bars/candlesticks plus the 20 and 50EMA’s I want to see which is above which and which direction the MA;'s are sloping in. Once in a position I also add the 3EMA and use that in an exit signal. I do consult weekly bar charts to confirm trend and trend strength.

I don’t use any off-chart indicators, support/resistance lines or trend-lines etc. as I find these are variously lagging, obscure, non-objective and unnecessary.

The last indicators I had on my charts for manual trading were BB + Stochastic. Why? Just to have - set up occasionally and left. Common man logic plus proper risk management might definitely bring you better results. It’s like shopping - you know for sure when the price for your desired device is low and when it is high, isn’t it? Still if we compare manual trading with algo trading, my choice will be with the second one. In the US about 70 percent of overall trading volume was generated through algorithmic trading several years ago already. It will definitely rule the future.

nope, I’m a semi naked charter myself lol

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