Happy Corner: Kiwi (NZD) pairs

Yeah, I’m seeing those indecision candles around that area (.8050-.8100) on the daily too. Plus, there’s a nice little bearish divergence supporting a short trade. Now all it needs is a bit of a push…

Do you think the NFP release will do the trick?

And, more importantly, did you short? :slight_smile:

Hey there! Are you referring to AUD/USD? If so, then yes, I’m seeing that tiny triangle too! And it looks like you were right about that resistance in that area. Were you able to trade it?

If not I sure did. Lets see what NFP brings to the table

Yeah I went long at 0.8085, at first I thought it would my stop loss ahead of the ECB news but it didnt and then when the NFP data come out it gave an extra boost, I closed the trade at the end of the Friday session for 90 pip profit!

Congrats! Keep it up!

NZD/USD has been soaring up the charts lately but is an end in sight? After successfully breaking above the .8000 and .8100 levels, NZD/USD is testing the .8200 major psychological resistance. A bearish divergence has formed which means that a drop might be in the cards once stochastic drops below the overbought zone.

I should just copy my post from the AUD/USD thread i just left! Seeing a hanging man, big bearish candle, bearish divergence and stochastics pointing down. I think on this pair we could see a drop to around 8100 level.

Yep, the technicals are definitely pointing out that a correction is overdue. Did you jump in short? Looks like it’s on its way to the .8100 level like you said!

Hi again, Yep i did have a small short trade. Went for 40 pips so not a lot but it all helps! I was going to wait for 8100 but i noticed a bit of support just above it at 8120ish where there is also the 23.6 fib line. Workedout ok this time. I think the next level to watch for could be around 8069 where hopefuly could play the bounce back up (if it goes that far of course!).

NZDUSD is a gentler currency pair to trade. It tends to obey long term support and resistance zones really well. NZD is a high interest yielding currency with interest rate at 2.50%. So when a trade is opened to long or buy NZD, you earn daily interest. The interest earned really builds up if you can hold the trade for weeks and months. This strategy is called the “carry trade” and is used by many professional traders.

NZDUSD is at a crossroad junction now. On one hand, it is resisted by the down trend line on the daily chart. On the other hand, it is also forming an up trend line on the 4hr chart. Here are my conditions which i want to see before i go long on this pair.

  1. NZDUSD breaks above and stays above the down trendline on the daily chart.
  2. NZDUSD retraces and holds at support zone of 0.8000-60.
  3. NZDUSD forms a third point on the up trendline on the 4hr chart.

Congratulations on your win!

That’s a nice round number too, which makes it a potentially strong support level. Let’s see how it plays out this week!

Don’t you just love it when NZD/USD pops up a possible head and shoulders pattern? The pair just tested the .8075 area, which is not only a former resistance area, but is also the neckline for our h&s pattern. Will the pair break below the support, or will it test the previous highs near the .8200 handle?

Maybe the US Retail Sales in about an hour will point its direction. Will wait and see.

I’ve got 1% of my account saying it’s going to re-test the 0.8200 handle. Disappointing news from the US would definitely help.

NZD/USD broke the neckline during today’s NY session, so I would be (cautiously :56: ) favoring shorts, selling rallies, until the price proves other wise. AUD/USD also seems to have a similar H&S set-up on the 240-minute chart and is also on my cautiously short list. :44:

I have been short the Aussie since sunday night. So I hope your right. This has been one seriously overextended move north on both these pairs lately. A good retrace is very likely to say the least

Ha! You were right about that! That was a solid breakdown right there. Were you able to jump in or are you gonna wait for a retracement?

Yep yep! I’m definitely waiting for a retracement myself so I can get in a short at a good price. Your Aussie trade’s lookin’ great, mate!

I was watching it, but i wanted to wait until close of candle to be sure. By then the move seemed too far gone to jump in at market. So yes i am waiting for a retest of the broken support (now hopefully resistance) to go short.