Happy Corner: Loonie (CAD) pairs

In a general risk sentiment sense, I guess. Negative reports from the euro zone such as the lack of progress in their debt talks or further delays like the Greek referendum pose threats to the global economy, and this is bearish for the higher-yielding assets like the Loonie. If the euro zone leaders show some good progress though, risk appetite could bounce back and boost the Loonie.

Hi Happy Pip

I dont know if you’ve ever heard of the CAD1 trading strategy on ebay for the USDCAD pair. Anyway, I recently bought it and it looks to be okay from a simple backtest. Anyway, I just wanted to find out what thought about it if you’ve ever used it or seen it.

Hi, Happy Pip!

What do you think of the loonie over the next couple of weeks? There’s an awesome trendline on the daily and oil might go even higher but USD seems to be getting stronger at the same time. I think I’m a bear.

PS I love your blog!

I bet you get those kinds of questions a lot. If it came across like I was asking you to do my thinking, that’s not how I meant it. Instead let me ask you this. How do you stay so happy? :slight_smile: That is a great quality.

Nobody likes CAD anymore. :frowning:

Lol I can assure you that there are some of us on here trading CAD! I used to be a pretty regular comtributor to this part of the site, but happy pip is not as frequent a visitor, these days - I could be wrong but I think that she is more of a blogger, these days, although obviously do please step in and correct me if I am wrong there, happy! - and as threads on here tend to take their lead from the ‘host’ the thread as a whole has quietened down somewhat.

There has been some good recent discussion of USD/CAD in GicaEric’s Candlestick Patterns (Daily Timeframe) thread in the Forextown section, so you might like to check that out. I am in a USD/CAD long trade myself at the moment, which ran well but Price is stalled around Parity so we’ll see what happens.


Hey guys! I’m back!

What do you think of this USD/CAD range? It looks like an upside breakout could be in the cards!

Parity just won’t let up! Plus a bullish pennant is forming close to the top of the range.

Could this mean that USD/CAD is revving for an upside breakout beyond the 1.0050 resistance? How high can it possibly go?

The pair just hit 1.0050. I am watching this also for a possible setup whichever way it goes.

Me too! Looks like an upside breakout is underway already though, just thinking about where to enter. Are you in a trade already?

Yea, I’m short on the AUD/CHF. Found a range play entry earlier and its paying off so i cant complain too much :), I’m just wondering whether to ride it down to .9310.

Ooh, interesting choice! But that does seem like an excellent risk off play. Good luck, my friend!

Thanks, seems solid to me also. I’m also a fan of your posts. Keep it up. Good luck on the USD/CAD.

Sweet! See you around! :slight_smile:

Trend traders are gonna love this setup! On USD/CAD’s 4-hour chart is a nice rising trend line that looks like it’s about to be tested.

Making the setup even sweeter is the potential 50% Fib retracement line right near the 1.0100 major psychological level. Who’s going long Greenback? Give a holler!

If you think the trend is your friend, then you might like this potential retracement play with USD/CAD. There’s a rising trend line connecting the lows of the price on the 4-hour chart, so I used my handy-dandy Fibonacci retracement tool to pinpoint potential entry levels.

The 38.2% Fibonacci level is just a few pips below the 1.0200 major psychological support and it’s right in line with the trend line. At the same time, a bullish divergence seems to be forming, but I’d wait for stochastic to cross upwards before making any decisions.

Do you think this uptrend will continue? Or will we see a breakdown this time? I’d love to hear your thoughts before I decide on a trade this week!

If you’re short on the Greenback, then this setup is for you! USD/CAD is sporting a cool doji on the daily chart, and it looks like a bearish divergence is also in the works. Are we seeing a retracement, or the start of a reversal?

made some pips with your analysis… tks!
sorry I didn´t put my tp lower… !


Glad to know that someone took profit from the setup! Where did you enter and what was your profit target? :slight_smile:

Hi, not so much…entered at 1.03810 and T/P at 1.03610 yesterday… could be better … I´m learning… :slight_smile:

I haven’t traded on this setup, but it looks like a reversal according to Babypips technical analysis and divergence. As for your question.

You may not believe me! =)
But yesterday I saw the stochastic (USDCAD) continued overbought (daily) and decided to apply the same strategy,… my setup was
sell at 1.03196 (market), s/l 1.03440 aprx (used a trailing stop and then manually)… and t/p at 1.01850 =) so happy!


By the way, don´t you see AUDUSD extremely overbought in 30, 60 (specially here), 240, and daily time? I see an apportunity to sell…