Happy to have found this place


 I'm Classicpip, thank you guys and gals for building this site. I've been studying, as time permits, about trading for the last month or so at other places. Work keeps me busy as I am a maintenance manager for a facility here in the US. Married to a beautiful woman and having two wonderful children is my lucky lot in life. I've always been the type of person who feels the need to learn so this is why I am here. I definitely see the potential in the Forex market for me but the risk cannot be overlooked. I will strive to take advantage of this site and all of the wonderful knowledge that has been graciously accumulated here. Thanks in advance for putting up with me and I'll search before I ask.


Hi Classicpip! Glad to have you in our forex community and thanks for the kind feedback. Just post any questions you’ve got right here and I’m sure the forum folks would love to help you out. See ya!


I’m hitting it hard in school right now. Love all the info I’m getting.

Cool beans! Keep on learning and try practicing with a demo account when you can. Good luck!