Hardware question

I have a 7 year old win 98 computer with a 533 mghtz cpu and high speed

internet. When I demo trade on the Onanda platform with other windows open

but minimized, switching from Onanda to another window will show a lot of

Onanda’s graphics on the screen. Does this sound like a computer being to old,

or maybe some other issue? Also, I would be interested in knowing what others

have in their computer profile. Appreciate any and all replies. THANK YOU

Probably your computer is a bit slow and needs some time to refresh the screen when u switch from one window to another window.


buy a new one, computers are now dirt cheap chances are you could so with a new monitor?

Last thing you need is your machine to break down on you in the middle of your trading!

Upgrade your RAM to 1G and rebuild it with XP and it will probably run much better. Of course new machines are dirt cheap also so you have to compare the cost. You are probably loaded up with spyware also so try and run a spyware scan (spybot / adaware) which should help a lot.


Anybody have any recommendations for a new PC? I have been a Mac user my whole life and very ignorant about PC’s. This system would mostly just for Forex so graphics and gaming capabilities not important.

I know that the new Macs can run Windows but I am not fully impressed with the current options ( Parallels,Boot Camp ).

Any new computer will work. My son bought one for $400 and it works very well.


I have an old 550mhz PC with 256mb of ram and it works fine for just internet stuff. I would recommend installing Windows 2000 / XP on it though. And run spyware / antivirus software regularly. If you have $400-500 bucks laying around a new computer would be ideal. You can even find laptops on ebay for that price that will do fine for trading.

If you do stick with your old computer install 2000 or XP. Windows 98 has its occasional crashes and thats the last thing you want when your trading. 2000 and XP is way more stable.

How much do you want to spend?