Has anyone bought the Transparent Forex Trading mentorship?


Kind of - TP levels are there, but SL levels are a little more difficult as it depends on when you execute the trade, you usually set the SL at the support/resistance level or some fib level - these strats are not exclusive to Nick

Nope - as I mentioned in my earlier post, he is honest and upfront about all his trades, even his breakeven or full loss trades.

Hello mate, may I ask you, what capital you invested, not extract, more or less, and also what the percentage of the drawdown on your trades.

About $10,000 - I typically risk about 4-6% per trade - much higher than recommended, but that’s just me I guess.

Hi, Thank You for the information you have provided. May I request you to kindly answer the following questions .

  1. Nic mentions that he provides rules based startegy in his course. How good are his rules in getting a good entry and are the rules consistently applied and advised by him on his recommendations and trades? I am struggling to find good entry on my trades resulting in hitting stop loss or bad R:R ratio.
  2. Is it possible for you to share one/few of his old and expired recommendations. I want to get a taste of recommendations.
  3. Approximately what percent of his trades/recommendations are normal forex pairs and what percent are exotic and cryptos pairs?
  4. Would Nic inform his students as soon as he enters a trade?


I don’t keep any stats - maybe 50%? And yes, rules are consistently applied.

You can goto tradingview and look for his ideas, he shares most of his trade suggestions there - it’s just the entry strat that is missing - and again, his entry strats are basically just looking to trade on pullbacks to a support or resistance level - nothing new there

Again - I don’t keep stats - but it seems like a lot more exotic pairs - he doesn’t do crypto that often, but he does once in a while - he actually has a youtube video explaining why he likes exotic pairs - I never watched it, cos I just can’t trade exotics.

Nope! You’re on your own there!

Dear Blueisthecolour,

I don’t understand. You said that in the previous comment that we should take every trade recommendation that he made in order to make the same amount of profit. Yet, when I asked which order type (limit or market execution) he usually gave in his recommendation, you just answered no.

Another thing is that you said, is that he is honest and upfront about all his trades, even his breakeven or full loss trades. I assume that those trades refer to the recommendation that he gave towards his students. But when another person asked whether Nick inform his students as soon as he enters a trade or not, you answered that question with a no.

Does he make trade recommendations to his students (along with TP and SL levels), but execute different trade based on what he had recommend to his students?

Please explain those inconsistencies with your answer. Thank you very much.

he gives pending orders, about 100% of the time it’S limit orders.
And what he means by he doesn’t inform his students as soon as he enters a trade is that he gives setups once each day, using pending orders and he doesn’t notify everyone once the trade has triggered. It’s your job putting the order at the same level he did. Then he will make updates regarding the current opened trade once a day, along with new setups.

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and yes he provides TP and SL is usually going to be below structure (which can change in a day, so it’s not a fixed SL level, but there are clear rules indicating where you should put your stop loss

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Thanks for your advice I will also start to use it too.

Why dont you share a few trades so people can get a taste of what he offers?

  1. Sharing some trades without any explanations doesn’t do much. And even if i was to do some explanation it would be some general things like wait for the break of structure blablabla, because i can’t go deeper than that without actually saying the rules ahah.
  2. He does that on his website (and yes these are real trades, some of which i’ve taken/seen myself). And, as i’ve told you already, he also shares sometimes on youtube some of the trades he shared with the students or is currently in.

I’m sure ‘the rules’ are nothing that isnt already out there. You know you can get the course for free. I dont think the rules are the selling point of his course. Or maybe I’m wrong and hes come up with something original.

well i didn’t find them anywhere else, but hey if you can get the course for free, go ahead, nobody’s gonna stop you ahah

Didn’t buy his mentorship program yet but I will soon.

I’m following all his tradingview and youtube videos.

Dude is the real deal.

If you’ll see all his videos on where the price is going, almost 90% are spot on.

Dude is a swing trader and is really good at fibonacci and patterns.

Highly recommended, if you are serious about learning and professional trading.

This weeks analysis:

That is what students receive?

Let’s ask @Gift13. Is this what you receive?

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Yes, this is the daily recap from yesterday, he makes a video like this everyday.

Yes that’s how he does the daily market breakdown