Has anyone bought the Transparent Forex Trading mentorship?

How much is the average risk to reward and winning rate? If a trade that he posted hits stop loss, does he hide/not update the trade status or acknowledge it to the students?

So far he’s been very transparent and acknowledges any losses. uses a 1: 3 ratio, risk 1% of your portfolio to make 3%.

Hello there TyBOSE,
you are the first saying responsibly that you bought his mentorship so I have some questions.
Does the strategies and videos that he claims in his adverts that is the real deal helped you?
Not by just doing copy/paste of what he says.
If really helped you personally as a new trader (if you are new) to understand the market and make your own strategy, back test and start trading lots by your own.
And I’m asking that because okay let’s say he is really helpful when he makes analysis etc and you copy his ways.
What about if he disappear one day, what is going to happen then?
Is he tutoring you to become a real independent retail trader or you gonna need him for life?
Okay the R ratio, okay the drawdown, okay COT prospective, but in the bigger picture and long term what is happening?
Are we gonna teached something for life or gonna get scammed?

Hi arveN,

The short answer to your question is yes, he is the real deal and it’s not a scam. You will get value from his course. Even if you don’t buy the course there is a lot of value in his free videos on trading view.

Obviously, there is no silver bullet out there, you’ll still need to put in a lot of effort to learn the strategies and apply them. I don’t recommend following anyone’s trades blindly, the goal is to get good at the strategies so you can trade them on your own without following Nik.

Hey guys! Just a little review from me. I bought that course a couple months ago and i personnally think it’s the best investment i’ve made of my life! For as low as 900 euros, the value and quality of knowledge you get is insane. It even is off 300 euros right now.

I don’t want to get into details concerning the rules etc, but it is indeed a gamble you need to take, like i did. However, i’m pretty sure that, especially if you’re relatively new to trading and haven’t gotten a strategy yet, you won’t regret everything you get for your money. Very well structured and very ‘‘transparent’’ (no pun intended ahahaha) with his trading (shows every trade, losses included etc…)

Have you become profitable?

I’m not sure why you’re advising people to take a gamble. Either it helps or it doesn’t. Why is it a gamble? When I recommend something I’m talking from experience so it’s not a gamble and I’m happy to share what I’ve learnt.

Why dont you share some trades to give people an example of the service. That would be better I reckon.

by taking a gamble i mean taking a leap of faith. After all, the very nature of Forex implies that you are never sure 100%. of anything, you just gotta take the risk.

Now as i said i am fairly new to the course so i haven’t become profitable because i don’t live trade yet, but he is and his stragies work.

As for sharing some trades, he regulately does that on his youtube channel. ( By saying we capitalized on this move and then shows the trade) But without explanation this does nothing. I can however confirm that he is not a scam and the real deal, the trade he shows on youtube are real.

how about his second course ?

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I bought the mentorship program since November 2019 and I have NOT been profitable.
I’m not saying it’s a scam - his lessons are good - but the way he advertises making 20R a month or 60R this year etc is a little misleading.
Let me explain - it’s not that he is lying about making those returns - but you will have to take every single trade he recommends to make that amount - for me, there are certain forex pairs or crypto pairs that my broker doesn’t support, so all those profits (or losses), I cannot make - he also recommends a lot of exotic pairs, like USDRUB, USDZAR, USDCNY and some crypto trades - pairs where the spread is so big that sometimes you simply cannot place a trade at the “structure” level he has drawn out, so suddenly your R:R is not very attractive - so again, I cannot/do not make those trades.

So it’s up to you - he is hard working and posts recommendations every day (even on weekends and public holidays!) - he has a daily Q&A where you can ask him any question with charts and he will help. And he also does report his losses on the recommendations that he makes, so at least he’s honest.

I just find his advertising and boasting about his INCREDIBLE profits a little misleading as I have explained.

But as I type this, I am in a trade he recommended today - but it’s currently running at a loss :frowning:

Hope this helps!

thanks for the review man. do you join his second course ( the day trading course / area 51 ) ?

Nah - I figured it’s more exotic instruments and at timings which will not work for me.

For most of the time, did Nick post limit order or market execution order for his students? Does he provide SL and TP levels for each trade? If a trade that he posted becomes a loss, does he just ignore/delete those trade or update/acknowledge it as a mistake?


Kind of - TP levels are there, but SL levels are a little more difficult as it depends on when you execute the trade, you usually set the SL at the support/resistance level or some fib level - these strats are not exclusive to Nick

Nope - as I mentioned in my earlier post, he is honest and upfront about all his trades, even his breakeven or full loss trades.

Hello mate, may I ask you, what capital you invested, not extract, more or less, and also what the percentage of the drawdown on your trades.

About $10,000 - I typically risk about 4-6% per trade - much higher than recommended, but that’s just me I guess.

Hi, Thank You for the information you have provided. May I request you to kindly answer the following questions .

  1. Nic mentions that he provides rules based startegy in his course. How good are his rules in getting a good entry and are the rules consistently applied and advised by him on his recommendations and trades? I am struggling to find good entry on my trades resulting in hitting stop loss or bad R:R ratio.
  2. Is it possible for you to share one/few of his old and expired recommendations. I want to get a taste of recommendations.
  3. Approximately what percent of his trades/recommendations are normal forex pairs and what percent are exotic and cryptos pairs?
  4. Would Nic inform his students as soon as he enters a trade?


I don’t keep any stats - maybe 50%? And yes, rules are consistently applied.

You can goto tradingview and look for his ideas, he shares most of his trade suggestions there - it’s just the entry strat that is missing - and again, his entry strats are basically just looking to trade on pullbacks to a support or resistance level - nothing new there

Again - I don’t keep stats - but it seems like a lot more exotic pairs - he doesn’t do crypto that often, but he does once in a while - he actually has a youtube video explaining why he likes exotic pairs - I never watched it, cos I just can’t trade exotics.

Nope! You’re on your own there!

Dear Blueisthecolour,

I don’t understand. You said that in the previous comment that we should take every trade recommendation that he made in order to make the same amount of profit. Yet, when I asked which order type (limit or market execution) he usually gave in his recommendation, you just answered no.

Another thing is that you said, is that he is honest and upfront about all his trades, even his breakeven or full loss trades. I assume that those trades refer to the recommendation that he gave towards his students. But when another person asked whether Nick inform his students as soon as he enters a trade or not, you answered that question with a no.

Does he make trade recommendations to his students (along with TP and SL levels), but execute different trade based on what he had recommend to his students?

Please explain those inconsistencies with your answer. Thank you very much.

he gives pending orders, about 100% of the time it’S limit orders.
And what he means by he doesn’t inform his students as soon as he enters a trade is that he gives setups once each day, using pending orders and he doesn’t notify everyone once the trade has triggered. It’s your job putting the order at the same level he did. Then he will make updates regarding the current opened trade once a day, along with new setups.

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and yes he provides TP and SL is usually going to be below structure (which can change in a day, so it’s not a fixed SL level, but there are clear rules indicating where you should put your stop loss

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