Has your trading ever affected your health?

Hellooo! :blush: Ever since the pandemic, I feel like more people have become more and more health conscious. :open_mouth: This just got me wondering about how your trading has affected your health before. Has this ever happened? :open_mouth: I think for me, it’s mostly just the late night sleeping. :open_mouth:

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Trading Mindset Games. If my health is not fit, my mind will not work properly. For this 100% focus should be given to analysis. Therefore, it is very important to keep the health fit.

6 months+ of near continuous reading, learning Anki/Notion/basic MQL5 coding, daily study sessions and maintaining a running analysis of the 28 pairs got me to feel burnt out last week.

Small price to pay as a newbie. The week or so of burnout is like a small pullback in a long term uptrend.

I think doing something outside of trading is essential. I think @Johnscott31 said something like this before. I’ve also listened to Tim Ferris talk about having different things going on in your life so that if one fails, you still have others that are running or that you’re doing well at. Ideally, you don’t fail at all of them lol.

Also I think it’s v important to take care of your physical health because without that, I don’t think you can really think properly. :slight_smile:

Just be careful, so that in the long run these late night sleeps don’t end up worsening your health

mindset is everything , if you fixed up losing in mind just wait to give up on psychically, everything happens by our thought. so be careful when thinking.

That makes sense too. :blush: I think although forex mostly just involves the mind and is not really very physical, it’s hard to trade when your health is not at its best. :open_mouth: Has this ever happened to you?

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I like the determination! :blush: I hope you really get far and become consistently profitable. Although, of course, I hope you still get enough rest. :open_mouth: It’s really hard to get sick, especially during these times. :confused:


Lots of stress in the past with losing money on signals/EAs

Thanks for the well wishes. Took a week off from doing most trade related activities. Haven’t done that since December, so it was sorely needed.

But this kind of burnout is normal, expected and even welcome though. It’s like the muscle fatigue after a good workout. Can’t afford to take it easy at the start. It builds bad habits and complacency.

I try never to harm my health with such things. I always try to minimize even stress.

True, I learned about forex in the midst of the pandemic, I find it profitable during pandemic

Of course, there is a need to create intelligent investing mindsets. It will be much easier to succeed.

A lot has happened to me. The mind is not an external part of the body. When I am not healthy, there are human effects. Therefore, it is not possible to create a proper focus.

I agree. :blush: I hope you’re feeling a lot better now though! :open_mouth: I’m sure this pandemic and lockdowns are affecting us all. :confused:

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Thank you very much for understanding the content of my article.

Of Course my eyesight .I have been trading for years now and i have seen my eye power has gone to negative , my doctors tells me I have a limited screen time but I don’t listen to him at all.

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I have never try to harm my health with such things. i believe that the health should be first priority. If you are fit and healthy your brain does work properly. I always try to minimize even stress.

Anxiety affects my health. When I am anxious, I have trouble sleeping, and when I have trouble sleeping I feel terrible. :frowning:

Mentally speaking yes this could absolutely affect your health especially if you’re concerned about losing large amount of money. That is why it’s important to trade sensibly

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