Have the passion, the will, and fully committed to acquire the skill!

Hi guys,

I’m new to babypips in an active fashion, but went through it a couple of times before deciding it’s probably one of the best places to talk FX out there without being scammed or sold countless useless things. I’ve realised though, that some members get quite passionate (take it personal) in the forums and that’s something I don’t get along too well with so, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m originally from Spain, but been living all around the world for work reasons. I’m an engineer by background and profession who -about 2 years ago- suddenly discovered a huge passions by world economics and all the available investment vehicles (never had any interest while studying or in my early career, but made a reasonable amount of money “by accident” with the USDAUD and that triggered my interest); I’ve just started my FX journey, but I’m not married to it. I have a buy’n’hold portfolio of diversified asset classes’ ETFs, manage my small TAA portfolio (also using ETFs), invest/trade some blue chip stocks when I feel like it, but still feel the need to go for the ultimate challenge and master short-term trading currencies. I’m not a technical trader, but simply use any resource available; charts have their value (even when some popular things do not work as advertised when put under scientific scrutiny!), as do fundamentals.

I wouldn’t mind making a living out of it (of course!), so freeing up the time/resources to pursue other engineering challenges (i.e. inventing “things”). I’m reasonably well capitalised (so I’m not after big returns, but small-consistent ones, but better than what’s achievable just by indexing), but will be paper-trading FX for a lot longer. I’ve always been with Interactive Brokers and, despite the questionable support services (actually not bad, just terribly slow…) and the many complaints I’ve read here, I’m extremely happy with them as they allow me to reach basically all investment vehicles available at very low cost.

I’m in no position to share or even question trading systems at this stage, but I’m very interested in statistical/quantitative analysis (I do backtest in Python any strategy before putting any money on it) and behavioural issues, so I’ll probably be asking some questions about (un)successful FX traders and the reasons behind them (why do so many fail?).

Anyway, long intro made short, I’m here really willing to learn (really do love reading on the subject), love constructive discussions and will try to help anyone if it’s within the scope of my skillset.

Nice meeting you all guys. Regards.


Welcome! I agree that if can be lively here, but I think that most fx-traders have some aggression by nature. Also it can be easily miss understood when you see it just as text. So hopefully that will not drive you away from us… :slight_smile:

I am sure that you will be a good addition to the forum. An statistical approach balances the ‘I feel like this is going to be a winner’-mentality that a lot of new traders have. So I hope that you will not be shy in sharing your thoughts.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Although I know Python, it is not my strong point. However, I do think like a programmer with a passion for forex. Maybe that can be helpfull to you.