Heaviest Flow of Japanese Data Within Next 24 Hours

The economic calendar for this week includes several low-level indicators of sales as well as indexes of industrial activity. The data to be released this week may be an indication of the state of the economy and hence influence Bank of Japan?s decision about future credit tightening. The coming 24-hour period certainly relays the heaviest flow of economic data for the entire week with the minutes from the BoJ?s policy meeting and the quarterly Business Sentiment Index both on deck.

[B]Last 24 Hours:[/B]

  • [B]Tokyo Department Store Sales (YoY) (MAY)
    [/B] Actual: 0.70%
    Previous: -1.5%
  • [B]Nationwide Department Store Sales (YoY) (MAY)[/B]
    Actual: -0.40%
    Previous: -1.3%
    [B]Next 24 Hours:[/B]
  • [B]Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes for May
    [/B] Expected: n/a
    Previous: n/a
  • [B]BSI Large Manufacturing (QoQ) (2Q)[/B]
    Expected: n/a
    Previous: 0.1
  • [B]BSI Large All Industry (QoQ) (2Q)
    [/B] Expected: n/a
    Previous: 6.2
  • [B]Bank of Japan Governor Muto to Hold Press Conference[/B]
    Expected: n/a
    Previous: n/a
  • [B]All Industry Activity Index (APR)
    [/B] Expected: 1.0%
    Previous: -1.4%
  • [B]Convenience Store Sales
    [/B] Expected: n/a
    Previous: -0.7%
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