Heavy Flow of Market-Moving Fundamentals

As the New Zealand dollar resiliently sets new post-floatation highs despite the RBNZ?s intervention attempts to restrict the currency?s flight, financial markets will be tuned in to the release of several significant fundamental reports throughout the week.

Though the trade balance data is not expected to significantly move the currency market, the release will be crucial in gauging the effect of Kiwi?s appreciation on New Zealand?s export-oriented economy.
[B]Next 24 Hours:[/B]
-[B]Westpac NZ Consumer Confidence (2Q)[/B]
Expected: n/a
Previous: 117.7

  • [B]Trade Balance (MAY)
    [/B] Expected: 0.045B
    Previous: -0.212B
  • [B]Imports (MAY)
    [/B] Actual: 3.35B
    Previous: 3.39B
  • [B]Exports (MAY)
    [/B] Actual: 3.60B
    Previous: 3.18B
    [B]Last 24 Hours:[/B]
    No economic data was released within the last 24 hours.
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