Hello all i'm Redxena

Hi my name is redxena and i’m totally new to forex. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at it for about a year now and I figured now is the time for what I want to do. I just recently started buying cryptocurrency and want to try to raise money to buy more before the prices get too high. I heard that forex trading is relatively easy and a good way for beginners to start. I want to put into practice the strategies i’ve been learning about and figure the best way to do it is here. So here goes nothing.

Well, you heard wrong. What is easy is pressing a few buttons on your phone app and losing your money. Forex trading is one of the most difficult markets to trade in successfully and be consistent. It will take a beginner a minimum of 6 months to learn how to trade properly.

But give it a whirl - I suggest using a demo account for experimenting first and the green education button above is free to learn. .

Well, I don’t think that forex trading is easy in any way. It requires a lot of hard work and patience for someone to make profits in the market. Enter the market only when you are ready with your knowledge to take risks.