Hello! Completely new to Forex Trading!

Hi there! My name is Rebecca! I am a SAHM and wife to an amazing husband! We have one little one and are looking to grow our little family. However, we have decided it best that we be in a better financial position to do so, to keep everyone’s mind at peace. That is why I am here and ready to learn all there is about forex. I want to be able to contribute financially while my husband is on deployment. So that when he returns we will be able to pursue our goal of having a big happy family and a house full of little ones.

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Ok, so what’s your plan? You do have a plan don’t you?

Unfortunately there are no apples in the garden of Eden with FX trading, or sidewalks of gold, otherwise we’d all be millionaires.

That’s the reality.

Welcome to the forum and good to hear your thought.

Hello and welcome to the forum @RebeccaHarris!!

Check out this post, If you’re looking to learn, things in this post might help you. Good Luck!