Hello Everyone! First Month so far at self-learning! Greetings from LA, CA!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Chelsea, and I’m 20 years old! I thought it would be a good idea for me to start participating in the forums and familiarize myself with our geeky lingo! It took me a whole month for me to figure out what kind of market I wanted to partake in. It started from stocks, watching stock videos on youtube, then options, then futures, and here I am in the forex market! I, now, know for sure that this is something I want to invest in my time in learning. I think it’s important for myself to be involved in the forex market community just as it is important for learning any type of skill. I work 6 days a week, full-time, and I’m using my day-offs (today) to study as much as possible from babypips. I had just spent several hours going through the pre-school and kindergarten levels and completing them. I’ve taken notes and will practice on my current demo broker accounts. I’d love to have some buddies to either coach me or learn along with me! I currently reside in Los Angeles. Love to hear back to those interested! :slight_smile:

A short history of my search for the perfect career:

College - dropped out
Vocational School - graduated, did not pursue
Online Businesses - failed several
Aspiring Day Trader - ongoing! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you’re making good progress so far - keep it up. There’s a lot covered in the Babypips school. I highly encourage you to go through it a few times while demo trading. There’s a long road ahead of you but if you truly believe trading is your calling then you’ll be on your way in no time. :slight_smile:

The short history about you sounds very similar to my own, so I hope things work out for the best.

Hello Clark!

Thank you! Will do! Oh, is that so? Are you currently trading? How is it going for you? :slight_smile:

Started learning about stocks and dabbled in the equities market roughly 8 years ago, eventually transitioned to FX as it was better suited for me at the time (thought FX had a lower barrier to entry).

I was going over the Babypips school during highschool classes, went through it about 3 times and took decent notes. Went ahead with university for finance and comp sci., but it didn’t catch my interests and I found myself skipping lectures and studying FX on my own. Been a full time trader and fund manager for the last few years. As an algorithmic trader, I work about 5-10 hours a week as the majority of my trading is automated. Turning 23 in June.

Interesting story, i hope it turns out just fine for you!