Hello everyone! It's my time, please read!

Early last year I joined a trading platform for which I had to pay a monthly subscription to which I lost around £600 to (I live in the UK) and I never learned to trade (which was my main goal) :frowning: The company mainly focused on marketing i.e. recruiting others to trade with you, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that as I never knew how to trade myself!
Again, I never learned how to trade but I did learn the basics, i.e. what times you can trade and where it all began.
I would really like a secondary income and hope to learn a trading strategy that I can be used Monday-Friday whilst I’m at work- Any recommendations on strategies/risk management for a beginner? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
P.s. I’ve had demo accounts that I basically placed trades of chance for money as there was no risk assessment or strategies that I used; I won’t be doing it again as when I opened a live, it didn’t work out :rofl:

Why do you feel you didn’t learn? Did you dedicate a good amount of time to it?

The reason I ask is I see alot of people who feel that by ‘buying’ a course or subscription it means they will unlock the ‘secret’ to to trading when in reality it takes alot of hard work, dedication and effort.

How much of your time outside of work do you dedicate to learning to trade?

I did, but I was taught a strategy which required for me to use their products/service. Also, whenever I tried to use this strategy, I would never find good trades worth taking so it didn’t really work out for me; I was with the company for 5-6 months which I think is a long time to be paying a subscription and still not knowing how to trade!

Yeah fair enough, I wasn’t having a go at you just wondering. What sort of products or services did you have to use of theirs? Can you share who it was just out of curiosity?

While I haven’t gone through it all myself it does look like the education offered here for free is quite extensive… that could be a good place to at least get the basics and intermediates covered?

Welcome. Hop over to the Systems section, should get you started on finding a strategy. So much there to try.


Also interested in what exactly you were paying for. Signals?

Best is to learn all trading strategies here, and then back test them.

Perfect, thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: and no not really, we had a group chat where the occasionally posted signals but it was mainly to use their facilities as such as a harmonic scanner that they had which they really magnified on

Okay will do :slight_smile: Thank you
Do I find them in the trading systems section?

Welcome to BabyPips, @_ash.monique. Ouch. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. Have you gone through the school here?