Hello everyone! Newbie here 😊

Hiiii! So excited to learn trading here. I am a complete newbie and I really find this site helpful and beginner-friendly. Hope to meet you all! :blush:

most welcome to babypips forum. have you finished any kind of basic level of trading ? or trade in any practice account ?

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yes we all are friendly . i hope you will bring good knowledge and experience from there by great level of learning.

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Hello :blush: I have done a bit of studying but I still am not confident yet. I am about to try the courses offered in this website :blush:

Thank you :blush:

learning is a continuous process even professional trader never stop learning , so keep going with patience , confidence of course will grow naturally. thank you

You should learn first before investing your money in this risky market.

Educational section of babypips will be the best option to learn.

Hello, I am Blessing on and new in this place of Forex trading. i want to learn trading.

where are you from ? any basic item you have finished already ?