Hello everyone!

Hello BabyPips community! I just signed up today and am super excited to be a part of a forex trading community. I have been learning the ins and outs of the stock market and forex for about a year now, I have tried penny stocks, swing trading, options, and forex and finally decided to devote my full attention to purely forex for foreseeable future. Once forex becomes profitable I’ll venture off and learn other parts of the market but for now, forex it is! I have been practicing forex on a demo account with thinkorswim for about a month now and I’m just about breaking even so I am hoping to learn a lot here and hopefully I can make some positive contributions as well. Anyways, thanks for listening, happy trading!

What type of options strategies did you employ?

I tried scalping and swing trading, but it was a short lived experiment. They just weren’t a good fit for me.

“Scalping and swing trading” options? How so?

And, what were your primary determinants as to why “they just weren’t a good fit for” you?

Scalp and swing the same way you would with stocks, except you’re buying contracts. I was first interested in options because it was a way to buy into more expensive stocks at a cheaper price, but there’s a lot more factors involved that I’m not going to get into. Basically, I dipped my toes in different things and forex is it.

If they’re not personal, why not?

Because I came here to learn and talk forex, not options. If you have anything useful to offer about forex, like profitable strategies you use, time frames, favorite pairs, etc., I’d love to hear it!

Sure, stop trading forex and start trading options.

:rofl: Ok, good talk, happy trading!

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Trading forex is a great skill that requires a trader to dedicate time and effort to make profits. Prepare yourself well before you risk your money if you don’t want to lose in the market.