Hello everyone!

Hi everyone, my name is Tim from Kansas, USA. I currently work in a Casino, and learned about Forex through a family member back in September of 2014. I studied a fair bit, and played with demo accounts. I was able to turn a demo into 10x its original worth in 6 months, and looking back I feel that I didn’t really understand fully what I was doing and had a bit of disinterest due to real life issues. I then was able to get a small amount of capital to try the live market, and I met what felt like a real beast in front of me. I took some losses early, and grew a fair bit of doubt in my head. I was able to recoup my losses, and have now pulled myself up into the positive. I am mainly looking into a Technical analysis system, that revolves around candlestick pattern recognition and support and resistance. There are things I am still looking to learn, as I try to work my way into becoming a full-time trader. I am not sure if this will happen, but I will be damned if I don’t try.

Thank you for your time,

Tim S.

Greetings Tim and welcome! Thanks for sharing your background–it’s all really a psychological game against yourself isn’t it? Good luck with your system search and don’t forget to study up on different risk management techniques because the real trading happens after you get into a position. Good luck!