Hello everyone

Hello everyone, i am glad to be here. This place will help me to make more money with Forex.

Best wishes!

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Okay, David. thanks for the reply of my post. I will surely ask my doubts. I am new to Forex so still learning step by step from babypips. If get any issue, i will post it. :slight_smile:

Good luck! It’s good idea to start you trading from BabyPips, where you can find the information about how to trade. Trading is simple - if you know what to do and do right things.

What exactly about trading is simple? And, what are the right things you need to do?

Welcome and Good Luck to your Trading Journey.

Do right things means you must trade using a tested trading strategy, use right money management. Is it simple? I replied you in few words. But this is the main idea.

I’d just aire on the side of caution when providing advice to anyone that “trading is simple”.
If it were simple, most likely none of us would be here.

Trading is simple! Really! I wrote WHY trading is simple.
It’s not simple to reach the level when you have trading systems in which you belive, for someone it’s not simple to follow the rules, and for someone it’s not simple to study theory. Trading is simple when you know what to do! And this school, is a good start point for making trading as simple as possible.