Hello Everyone!

I feel like I have to come up with a cool pip name! :slight_smile: Hi everyone my name is Steeve yes with 3 "e"s lol… my mom says the nurse messed up at the hospital with my name but oh well. Im 33 and im from texas originally born in Peru (which is in south America) for those of you who are geographically challenged. I heard about Forex a few years ago a patient told me about it in the clinic I work at I goggled it but soon fogot about it… well that was 3 years ago and it seems like it has never left the back of my mind, I honestly feel like im meant to do this …(but im sure im not the only one who feels this way)… So im finally taking the steps to learn as much as I can and dive head first in all this PIP knowledge… which led me here… and im so glad and excited to be a part of this group and learn from you guys…thank you.