Hello Fellas! 🤍

Hey everyone! :innocent:

My name is Hana , In my 23’s. I lived in Johor Bahru.

I found out this site from my caucasian friend in Kl. Told him that i wanted to do trading account, then he ask me to learn first and do the free course. (So glad with his kindness):heart_eyes:

In fact, I have heard about forex for a long time, but recently I realized that forex is something awesome you should learn. I always wanted to be excellent trader. Lol! Btw if any of you can help to guide me, I really appreciated it. I honestly don’t know anything about the way or understanding of forex. I want to study more. Chiao😘

Hello! Welcome to the community, Hana! Your friend is right, this is the best resource for learning about forex! Hope you’ll have great time here!

Welcome to the forum!