Hello Fellow Traders

I am new on here and would just like to say hello to you all. I am English and in the UK.

I am relatively new to forex trading, not so long ago I was trading forex quite successfully until a Buy order I had on GBP/USD went the wrong way and I didn’t have a stop loss in place. The result was it wiped out all my trading funds :8: I won’t make that mistake again!

Anyway, I’ve saved my seed captial back again and going to start trading again on Monday.

I look forward to making new like-minded friendships on here so please drop me a line.

Successful trading everyone!

Hello Wilde thing,

Wow , no stop loss, well we learn as we trade, and there is nothing will make us learn quicker than the potential of earning and losing money . What strategy do you use, what type of trader are you ? Would be good to hear a little bit about that.

Am hoping to start trading next year , just building up my funds, I cannot wait .

Wish you luck guys!

You have to push through the hard times. Just remember not many people have the conviction to risk money to make money. Most people prefer to sell time to gain currency. So you are in that 10% that succeed after all small traders still only account for 200bn daily in a 5 trillion daily market and even fewer actually trade with a large percentage of the world traders still in banks market making (only 5 in 60 survive 6 months) and the elite minuscual few in hedgefunds (1 in 60 actually make it) largely trading equities, fixed income and commodities. Totally possible for you to be that 1 in 60 because it is your cash at stake.