Hello Forex World

Trying something new in life. Adding forex to my income sources. cant wait to learn put in the works and become a profitable trader.

A little bit about myself.
I am a 32 year old full time professional poker player, hoping to use that to my advantage from the all the experience I’ve gained from playing poker. hopefully there are a lot of skills I would be able to use in the forex world.

Welcome. Yes, your emotional control skills would be a major factor in FX trading. Many newbies lose their capital because they have Hulk moments - it only takes one large losing trade to hit their bankroll.

So patience and discipline are key components, as is not chasing losses. Manage money and risk.

However, there is a large learning curve, which could be compared to your poker graduation to a pro. It takes time and is a huge challenge to become proficient - the market is King Kong always, doesn’t give a damn about you, and won’t give anything back to you, ever.

best of luck.

Welcome AlSwanson! Enjoy the free resources here and good luck in finding the best trading strategy for you!

There indeed would be a lot of poker skills you can bring to use but I’d still suggest you to devote some time in learning about the ins and outs of forex. I’m sure you’ll learn something more and new that’ll help you trade better.