Hello from a budding forex trader 😀

Hi Folks,

I’m Dims, a budding forex trader from Sri Lanka. I’d waited a long time to post an introduction, to take the time to study offline, without any influence or groupthink. I believe this was necessary to firmly establish an unbiased foundation and get a good grasp my own strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve always wanted to trade but never knew how to begin or where to start. I stumbled onto the babypips course late 2018 but did nothing about it cause I felt, at the time, my time could be prioritized elsewhere. I found studying less intimidating in my second attempt when I found a lot of parallels in the psychology between both poker (which I’m very familiar with) and trading. Finally completed the babypips course in Jan (while reading Currency Trading for Dummies, Brian Dolan). Since then I’ve maintained a studying journal and reading list in Evernote:

Also downloaded and configured Anki less than a week back to help with memory retention. I’ve found this extremely helpful so far.

Trading from Sri Lanka has a number of difficulties (actually many things like e-commerce are heavily restricted). I can’t transfer funds from Sri Lanka and use it for forex trading. I have managed to earn and retain money from part time work, which I will use for initial funding. I’ve opened a borderless bank account with Paysera, to facilitate future deposits/withdrawals and have opened a demo account with Fusion Markets (good reviews from what I’ve read and really good customer service so far).

At the moment I’m in the process of drafting a trading plan and documenting a number of trading setups I’ve become familiar with. Also designing a trading journal (in Notion) with what I believe are good KPIs. I’ll refine all it further while backtesting for the first time in a day or two at the most.

And thus begins my trading journey…

I hope to be a pleasant addition to the community going forward.

kind regards,

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Thanks for sharing your experience regarding the trading market.

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Thanks Kancho. Nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you mate

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Hi Dims
Seems like you have made a very systematic and thorough start to your journey! :slight_smile:

Good luck along the way… :+1:

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Nice to meet you too Leon :slight_smile:

Thanks Sovos. You too.

I had the exact opposite approach to poker (started playing immediately, no reading, no grasp of basic theory, playing on tilt, poor bankroll management, no after session study, etc ,etc). So I decided to take a very different approach this time.