Hello from Athens

I’m a British ex-pat, currently based in Athens, Greece. I have been reading up on ForEx for the past 6 months & have finally jumped in & set myself up a live trading account with a broker. I am also getting my head around the Metatrader software platform, which is fun. After all the months of research, it is all finally starting to settle in, so I look forward to becoming a part of this forum.

Hello Justin and welcome aboard! Trading live introduces the psychological changes into the trading game, so be sure you know your strategy and risk management methods backwards and forwards. Those things have to be internalized, because once you start taking a loss on your positions, sound thinking and good decisions can go right out the window. Keep practicing and good luck!

Thanks for the welcome, Pipcrawler. Thankfully, I burnt my fingers whilst learning the importance of Stop Losses,amongst other things. Pain is rather good at underlining the importance of a lesson, and oddly enough, the first thing that I set now is my stop loss. The market does what it wants to do, I do what I want to do. More often now though, there is a closer alignment, which I count as progress. When I decided that I was ready to live trade, I put a small amount of money into my broker account. Psychologically, I wrote this off as a training budget expense as I transferred it in. I came out the other side of the new traders initial over-trading learning curve with slightly less than 20% or my pot left, but significantly more clued up. In clawing my way from 20% back up to 60% of my initial training budget pot, I have learn as much again as I did in the slide down to 20%. By the Easter close, there is a better than average probability that I will reach 75%, or possibly even 80%. But I still have a vast quantity of reading to do, which should probably keep me out of trouble until after Easter, if I’m lucky. :slight_smile: