Hello from Dublin

Hi people

Well, I am glad I stumbled across babypips.com.
I am 37 y old college student, business computing. We have had some modules in Finance etc and I became interested in trading. Have read a couple of Michael Lewis books and Ben Mezrich and always thought it sounded fascinating. Anyway, I enrolled in an online trading course, (special offer, 20 euro). It’s not that good to be honest, but maybe will get better.
Anyway, I am 28% of the way through the pre-school course on here, and it kicks ass compared to the one I paid for. Really excited to progress through them further, hopefully get to know some people and learn from others on this site.

BTW, John is my name :slight_smile:

Greetings John and welcome to the BabyPips.com community! Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and hope to hear more, not only of your FX journey but how you’re doing it with the extra college responsibilities. Good luck with the School of Pipsology and thanks for the wonderful comments!