Hello from warrior_ninja 🎯

Hello :wave: all! I’m Mark from Londonderry, New Hampshire. Complete newbie to this area.

Been in and out of al types of network & affiliate marketing & consumer direct marketing, and I really don’t like marketing or using social media to meet people to show them a biz op.

I’m more of an introverted numbers guy. An auditor by day, give me a couple computer screens, and an excel spreadsheet filled with data, and leave me alone for hours and hours and I am good.

Looking to learn from the ground up without being distracted with any network marketing affiliate type programs.

Hope there aren’t too many tests because I like to learn, but am a terrible test taker.

That’s all I’m ready to share right now.

Thanks for listening.

God bless,
aka warrior_ninja

Don’t worry about the tests as you can take them as many times as you want.

Welcome and good luck with your journey. There are plenty of us here to help you out.



Welcome to the community, Mark. The tests are more for yourself more than anything. What’s more important is what you learn from everything that you’re studying. I think you have an advantage in that you’re into analyzing numbers. Good luck.

Hello and welcome Mark. It’s okay to have an aversion toward taking tests. After all, nobody likes being scrutinized. The tests aren’t a big deal as long as your learning is solid. Hope to read more from you and good luck.