Hello good at forex post my tips here

EUR chf buy
Eur Gbp buy

Buy Aud jpy

Gbp Nzd sell

Nzd Cad buy

Aud cad sell

Take profit Aud cad + 100 pips

Buy Gbp jpy
Buy dash coin
Sell platinum

Get rid of dashcoin
Hold Gbp jpy buy
Platinum sell

Continue to hold Gbp jpy buy
And today buy chf jpy

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Cad jpy buy stop 93.744 tp 100 pips

EUR cad buy tp 60 pips

Gbp jpy buy stop entry 161.516
Take profit 162.131
Stop loss 160.965

Nzd usd sell

Tp Nzd sell and now buy Nzd usd

USd Cad buy

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Still holding usd cad buy my tp is 1.38151

Buy usd cad

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Buy gbp usd

Eur usd sell

Eur usd buy tp 1.08946