Hello I want to learn more

You must have to learn well if you wants to survive in the forex market because without knowledge you can do nothing. Knowledge is the key to success. You can learn about forex from this platform. This platform provides you the best knowledge. Thanks

Hey DRFXTRADING, I’m new to the forum as a member but I’ve been researching my Forex strategy for the past 1.5 years off and on. Seeing as I’m a newbie member, I wanted to know how I could contact you. I have a few questions regarding trading the 4H/ Daily TF’s. I trade using price action on the higher time frames and have developed a system thats still a work in progress…anywho, thank you for your time and content you’ve been posting. I’ve found it reassuring.

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There’s your best and only answer if you want correct and unbiased information

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Hey DMAN…you can send me a message with your questions. Not sure allowed to give out my personal email here.


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Yes mate, till now BabyPips School is the best place to start with.

learning Forex is an easy an easy task as you have come into this trading place. just keep patience and be active in here. good luck