Hello! Im new and keen to learn!

Keen to learn and my goal is financial freedom

You can learn forex from the educational section of babypips.

Hardest way to make money, be warned and have fun.

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At least ten years of being consistently profitable, and then you have a chance of being able to invest your money elsewhere.

Would have to agree with you on that! There are far easier ways to make money long term… in saying that I don’t think any are as enjoyable as the markets :smiley:

you can start with baby pips school which contains all basic good knowledge and experience , besides this you can trade in a micro account for live trading knowledge. its a very good combination.

Yeah I was hooked as soon as I did the following in the first couple months of trading:

Make my average lunch cost on a trade
Make my daily pay
Weekly pay
Make paycheck in a day
Make over $10k in less than two months