Hello I'm new to Forex

Hi everyone, I’m Shamara & I’m new to the whole trading thing.

Am also new and will love to add more to my learning I have watch alot of videos online and understand things but I have a little more question admin. I need your reply on this page. I can pen down my question from your video.

most welcome in this community , its a very good forum for the traders who are particularly beginners , i hope you will enjoy the environment.

feel free to ask any question you need to know , its a most friendly forum we have from all, good luck

hi and welcome in there.

hello sahana , i hope you will enjoy the environment , its a most friendly forum in online , happy trading

still no answer , it sounds very odd when a newcomer start a topic but doesnt reply. i think you should be more active on posting , thanks to you.

I’m sorry, I didnt have on the notifications. Thank you all for the welcome. So when it comes to trading how do you know who to trade with first & how often should you monitor everything?

Thank you😊