Hello, I'm so excited to learn and earn

Hello, everyone my name is Rose. I’ve known about forex for a year and a half , I’ve been trying to teach myself how to trade for 6 months and nothing seems to stick after the currency pair lessons , maybe it’s because I’m doing it by self or I’m not interested enough. I hope to learn past what I already know and pray that good comes from joining this platform.:blush:

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Hi Rose, have you tried your strategies on a demo ACC?

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Did you develop any strategy? Or trading randomly? For successful trading you need a working strategy and good understanding of how are mind works when it comes to trading.

No i haven’t started trading yet, I’m trying to learn as much as possible then find a broker, develop a strategy, demo trade and then actually trade

No I have not

If you understand the basics then start looking into developing a strategy and testing it on the charts on demo. Start learning how the price moves. Theory is nothing without practice in this game.

All the best.

that sounds like a solid plan, make sure you find a regulated broker, not a sketchy one