Hello & looking forward to trading together


My name is Graeme and I have been dabbling on & off in Forex for two years. I do find iit tricking with a family & full time job to make time for trading.

Like most inexperienced traders I make good & bad trades but so far I’m breaking even.

I live in the North East of England and I’m looking to set up a trading group in Newcastle that will physically as well as virtually meet up and trade collaboratively. I have carried out my best trades in the city in a trading environment rather than by myself in the house.

Drop me a line if anyone from the area is interested, in the mean time i’ll make good use of babypips, looks a great site.



Greetings Graeme, and welcome to the forums. Staying alive is the first step to developing competency, so you’re on the right track! Good luck on finding some local trading buddies and thanks for the wonderful comments.