Hello Mate, i'm from Austraya (down under)

G’day, I am also new to this.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were having coffee at Starbucks overlooking the Sunshinecoast beaches and I was flicking through the local papers and a full page add got my attention saying how to make a living by only working 10 minutes a day trading on the FX market. When we got home I jumped on the web site and enrolled for a live Webinar explaining how it worked. I am still deciding whether I should join up or not.
In the mean time I came across a blog that mentioned how to learn the fx market from the babypips web site, so here I am doing the lessons.
I am married and have one son who is doing University next year. In 2 years time we plan to buy a bus and travel around Australia and hopefully by then I may have enough knowledge to trade as we are travelling which will fund our trip.

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