Hello, my name is Turkesa Whittley

Hello, my name is Turkesa Whittley and I am new to the Forex community. I want to learn how to trade and fire my employer, help my family financially, and start my own business. I want to learn this to the fullest and willing to put in the work. Good luck to us all.


Hi. You have set very high goals, which is good. However, there is no short cut to experience and success. Treat FX trading as a new business venture, which means it’s a full time occupation for several years.

Start off Educating yourself - with free courses - on this great site to see if FX suits you and your lifestyle. If you’re still positive and have ignored social media marketing hype you need to construct a plan of where you are now, where you want to be at a future date, and how you’re going to get there.

Here is a link on how to construct a plan. TIPS On How To Create The PERFECT Forex Trading Plan - YouTube

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the mindset you have fixed is really good to sounds. actually to become a good trader is a long time approach and for that reason you have to fixed a word which is patience.

have a very good journey on there , remember one thing there is no short cut way of learning as well earning in this market place. so dont hurry

hi and welcome to baby pips family.

i got a very fine line which i always believe: there is no shortcut way success, we the traders or people have to work very hard with a great level of patience.

You need to work hard to make a good career in this market.