Hello newbie here looking to learn and gain financial freedom

My name is Nick and I am active duty soldier looking to retire soon. I spent over 20 years taking and giving orders now. I am ready to work for myself and provide for my family on time. I just recently started learning about FOREX and I am eager to learn and gain some financial freedom. Looking forward to learning from everyone on the forum.

Welcome Nick. While a raw recruit could trade forex all day by pressing buttons and losing their capital, if you want to become successful you’ll need to learn the equivalent elite skills of the special forces. That’s how difficult it is to obtain financial freedom from forex.

A good start is to press the green education button above, It’s a free learning package, and once you understand the basics, open a $2,000 demo account and experiment, before even thinking about going live.

In fact, don’t think about it for at least 6 months, as 73% of raw recruits fall at the first hurdle. A bit like betting on a Grand National long shot. What you see on TV promotional ads for trading is pure fiction. IMO, they should be banned.

Anyway, best of luck.

Hello and welcome to this forex trading platform where you can learn so much about forex through different courses, good luck