Hello people, polly here

Hi, I’m a newbie and trying to learn something new, and make some earning. Advices are welcome. Much respect to all of you.

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Hey pollywolf,

Welcome! Give this a look! all you need.



Learn before earn, for about six months minimum…


Hello Polly. Welcome to the forex world.

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Hello, welcome to babypips. Practising on a demo account for a while is my biggest advice.

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Hello, pollywolf. What’s inspired you to come to the trading world?

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Hi, thanks and thank you for the advice. I’m learning on demo acc rn. Hoping for the best

Hi, one of my friend have been in forex for years and he is making a good earning. It motivates me to make some extra earning with forex. That’s why i started now, eventho i have full time job. But i have lots of free time since I’m working office. Hope it’s not too late to start!

Hi billy, thank you very much, i will look forward to it i need all the knowledge i can get. Again, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi steve, thank you! This is a great advice indeed, I’ve always wondering how long do i need to learn before i jump in on real account. Thank you again for the advice :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. My advice is that just jump into the market through a demo and see for yourself what it’s like.

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Hi! Nice to meet you :grin:

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If you’re itchy to trade, grab a demo account while you read the School material. I think it helps to visualize some of the things you read early on. And you can get that first trade out of the way! But DEMO only!

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