Hello People Steve Here

HI my name is Steve Lawrence, ive been a seasoned trader with traditional forex for about 4-5 months on forex, but I have been trading high frequency forex for a year now. Im ready to learn more and gain more knowledge to be 10x more profitable and accurate with trades.

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hello steve lawrence,

i need a good mentor.

my last mentor cost me a ton of money, and he helped me a little.

what can you do?

Hello Steve. Pray and hope that you can make a good trading career in this market.

Welcome! Check out market maker trading and specifically smart money concepts :+1:
It will make your trading much more precise.

Hi Steve! Welcome :grin:

One of the most interesting about trading is that there is no end to learning and also the greediness of people.

Hy Steve and welcome. After a year of trading, you are still looking for more knowledge. That good.