Hello to all, 7 years after still no consistency, persevering and resetting all my knowledge!

Good day to all,

Graduated from Masters in Financial Administration back in 2014 and my graduation paper was on Forex and a strategy I worked around the harmonic patterns. From Colombia, exchange rates are usually high and my professional career never took off as i expected, so having “risk free” money was always a problem, that is why the time studying markets. Been on pennystocks, Crypto, Binary Options, algo trading and all with very bad results.

I’m here doing the whole education program Babypips offers and with a resetted mindset, just wish to start from scratch and get it right this time. Have a lot of experience on what not to do, anyone who finds it possibly helpful, i’d be glad to learn together from your experience.

Thank you all!


Welcome to the club my brother!

12 years of unprofitable trading here. You are not alone and you are in the right place. Got interested to you when you used this term:

Because I was in your shoes around 1 year ago.

Having years of trading experience (losing ones), I thought I was somewhere next to a god. But truly, it all actually starts when I was forced to reset my mindset.

I thought I knew everything, instead, reading chapter one in the school of pipsology really blew my mind. I know NOTHING.

That is also when I realized the true meaning of half glass full and half glass empty.

Always be the other half of empty glass.

That way, you will always have room for yourself to improve, improve and improve.

Congratulations for not wasting your time anymore.

My little advice to you now is:

Happily open and enroll yourself in the School of pipsology

Take the blue pill.


Join and meet me in this thread The 10K gamble only after you have graduated the school of pipsology. (I will know if you are lying, so save your efforts.)

Thank me later.

Good luck…

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I think it’s a good start what you have done here. Just putting it out there.
“Have a lot of experience on what not to do” if you never tried and failed, then you haven’t learned anything.

When it comes to losses:
I see my losses as an expense, as a payment for my education. And the teacher was the markets.

What works for me is having smaller goals. It just happens to be so that I trade best with “smaller” deposits.
At least it’s been that way. I recently, last month started a new challenge with “only” 1000$. I used to trade this amount in Binary Options too and that worked best back then (I ditched BO after all the regulation and my broker ditched BO to CFD’s) so I left BO for FX and found a ECN broker instead of trading with those shady BO brokers. I’m going to give the challenge some more time before I post about it, so I don’t create another one of those dead threads lol :grinning:

I strongly recommend you start a trading journal in the forums. Start by talking about your approach, goals etc and this way I think, when you put yourself “out there” you may feel that you have to obey your own rules. You can’t post that you use this strategy with this or that rule then abandon it in your next post so this way it can keep you in check. Perhaps you’ve tried this too… if you haven’t, give it a try!

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Wow, awesome!!
I’ve felt frustrated for a long time, and as you said, right now just finished japanese candlesticks and the school of pipsology is incredible, just bookmarked you!! will be there hopefully sooner than later, right now in quarantine, working from home, will be able to focus on graduating! See you soon!

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Thanks for the kind words, and you’re totally right, i tried once in the past on other blogs and years ago when i sucked even more than today, but people were very bad on my ideas and just bashed on them. Stopped doing that for a long time, but thinking on what you said, it is totally true how accountable you feel when you put your ideas out there. Will start to do that once i start my demo practice after going through the whole school of pipsology. Thanks again!

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Hi mate, start your education here. It’s free. Take your time, stay motivated and I wish you the best of luck.

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Awesome tradeforex077,
Finishing elementry, right now on moving averages.

Take your time, don’t rush, good luck.

Hi guys,
I am now profitable and have been for over 1 year. 6 years unprofitable before this.
The key to turning it around was simple. 1) Forget forex education of any kind. Anything you are being taught is also being taught by thousands of other educators to millions of other traders, and it puts you firmly in the 95% losing bracket. The banks know where you are placing your trades! 2) Do your own research. Trawl the internet for indicators, put them on your charts and backtest them, try different ones and backtest those. When you have a group of indicators that look promising, forward test them (demo account only) for weeks or months until you are confident it has an edge. 3) start small, and stick to the system you have built.

Welcome and good luck with the School! :slight_smile: